Step Four: Plant it!

Me:  Do you have orchard grass?

Grass person:  Orchard grass?

Me:  Yes, orchard grass. Alpacas love it and it’s really good for them.

Grass person:  We have grass for horses…cows…sheep… Can they eat that?

Me:  Um, they can, but do better on orchard grass. Thanks for your help! to the rescue!  I was able to find a few companies (some alpaca farms) that have orchard grass in alpaca-specific blends and alone. I decided on Outside Pride and have not been disappointed!

Let’s rewind. I grew up in cold, rural towns, but have never lived on a farm or raised livestock. As my friend said recently, I may come from the country, but I have “citi-fied!”  Not to be slowed by lack of experience, I did all the internet research I could do, ordered grass from Outside Pride, asked a few questions of them when it arrived, and went outside to plant! Luckily, I thought to buy a seed spreader a couple months ago, and after a little searching online, found the right setting to use for bare soil — and we were off!

Oh, I forgot to mention that we got the water run out there recently, too — necessary precondition to planting grass! Frank used the tractor and its fork to prep the soil and I walked around with the seed spreader. Either I tried to seed a little more than an acre, or my spreader setting was too high, so I ran out of seed a little early. No worries — I can order more!

Then came watering. I didn’t buy sprinkler heads to put out longer term, so I walked the whole area with a hose and light pressure sprinkler head. It worked really well (though my arm is still recovering!). The seed bag said the seeds would germinate and I’d see grass in 6-9 days. We had grass on Day 5! We got A LOT of rain during that time — nice, slow, hours of rain. The ground and the grass were able to soak it all in.

First grass shoots -- day 5!

First grass shoots — day 5!

View from the balcony -- day 10

View from the balcony — day 10

View from the balcony -- day 13

View from the balcony — day 13